Moon Robots

$OIL token

$OIL token is the native currency of Moon Robots. $OIL token can be exchanged for any other token on Harmony blockchain using decentralized exchange. Listing on a CEX (Binance, Kucoin etc.) is in the plans, but not in the nearest future as LP staking model might be able to provide sufficient liquidity and at the same time lead to a fairer token distribution.


  • Max supply: 1B (1,000,000,000)
  • Initial emission: 100M
    • IDO offering: 28M
    • Initial LP: 22M + $300,000 (implied FDV at launch = $14,000,000)
    • 50M reserved for Egg rewards
  • LP mining rewards emission: 350M
    • Emission duration: 6 months since the start of LP mining programme
    • Part of mined rewards is locked with unlocking schedule
  • Quest rewards emission: 150M
    • Emission duration: 3 months since the start of LP mining programme
    • Quest rewards are not locked
  • Land rewards emission: 200M
    • Emission duration: 6 months since the start of LP mining programme
    • Land rewards are not locked
  • Development fund: 200M
    • Vesting schedule: unlocks in equal parts every month during following 12 months

Token Utility

Token is mainly used as a currency within the game. Players will be using the token to perform game actions. Namely, $OIL will be used to:
  • Breed Robots
  • Upgrade Robot Heroes and Land
  • Incubate Eggs and Recharge Robots
  • Trade Heroes, Items and Land on in-game Marketplace
Spent $OIL will be partially burned, the rest is used to reward players and LP stakers.s.


$STARDUST is a special utility token that is used to increase chances of getting higher rarity Land during the Moon Land Deed sale. It can be earned by pre-minting WL tickets, by burning WL tickets after all Genesis Eggs have been sold out and by upgrading Eggs with $OIL.


$ENERGY is a special non-transferable token that serves to support Stake-to-Play mechanic. Staked and locked $OIL allows players to generate $ENERGY and use it instead of $OIL for game actions.


$GOLD is a special non-transferable token which allows players to purchase Items and Item Boxes and perform certain actions such as Crafting.