Moon Robots

Liquidity Mining

To provide $OIL token with liquidity and increase the fairness of the token distribution, LP Staking Rewards model will be used. Large amount of $OIL supply will be emitted and distributed among LP stakers during the first 6 months after the Moon Landing event. After that the LP stakers will receive a portion of the game’s turnover.

Oil Rigs and Oil Mining

This is the metaphor for Liquidity Mining in the game. Load some token with value-matching amount of $OIL into Oil Rig and generate more $OIL!

Token Distribution Phase

LP staking model will be one of the mechanics utilized for initial distribution of the token (Token Distribution Phase). 70% of Max Supply will be emitted during that phase totalling 90% of Max Supply being emitted 6 months after the Moon Landing event.

Post-Emission Phase

LP staking will still be used after the emission ends to sustainably support token liquidity after all of $OIL tokens have been emitted (Post-Emission Phase). Game economy during that phase will require sustained demand for $OIL token and players spending $OIL to play. Spent $OIL will be partially burned, the rest is used to reward players and LP stakers.