Moon Robots


Power Unit, Amber Crystal Growth and Amethyst Shard
Items are tradable NFTs. When going on a Quest, your Robot can bring back random Items of different types. Collecting Land rewards sometimes yields Items as well. Items come in different categories:
  • Batteries, power packs etc.
  • Drill bits, pickaxes, mining equipment etc.
  • Gears, cogwheels, bolts etc.
  • Crystals, shards etc.
  • And more exotic categories of Items
Some more rare items can be crafted from more common items, via chained crafting e.g.:
4x Wire -> Battery, 4x Battery -> Power Unit, 4x Power Unit -> Stamina Cell
The variety of Items that Robots find depends on their Rarity (e.g. Common Robots almost always only find Common Items) and their Element (e.g. Electric Robots tend to find Azure Crystals more often than Amber Crystals)
Race, Level, Perks and other factors also have some particular effect on the Scavenging outcome. For example, Mythic Transmutation Circuit can only be found by Robots of Hybrid Race.


Items have Rarity which affects how easy it is to obtain that item.
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


In addition to selling Items P2P on external or built-in Marketplace, Items can be instantly sold for $GOLD, which is used to pay for certain actions (like Crafting and Leveling Up) and can also be used to buy Loot Boxes.