Moon Robots


Breeding is a mechanic to produce higher Generation Robots using two existing Robots as a source of Robo-genetic material. The Generation of the produced Robot is +1 to the maximum Generation of its parents. Genesis Robots produce Gen 1 Robots etc.
Higher generation Robots can have better stats and skills combinations because they inherit stats from their parents which enables selective breeding for certain Stats, Skills and Perks.

Eggs and Incubators

As a result of each Breeding interaction, a Robo Egg is produced. Eggs take time to hatch, but depending on type of the Egg, hatching can be expedited using Incubators and special rare Items. New Robots come out of Robo Eggs inside of which they grow and self-assemble into Robots.
To speed up the hatching process, players can pay with $OIL and use the Incubator. Insta-hatch Items can hatch the Egg immediately.