Moon Robots


Players will be able to send their Robots on Quests for $OIL and other valuable Items and Resources. Naturally, Robots will require some $OIL to work. It takes $OIL to make $OIL!
Performance of Robot Heroes during Quests depends on their Skills, Stats and other factors. Robots will lose Stamina when going on Quests which can be replenished by resting, charging or using Power Cells. Depending on their Skill level, Robots can sustain Damage. If not repaired, terminally damaged Robots can shutdown or even die during Quests.


Robots can be assigned to Oil Rigs to harvest $OIL. Having Liquidity in the same pool (Oil Rig) as your Robot will allow it to boost your Liquidity Mining APY and unlock more rewards. Ultra-rare items can also come out of this process. Different Oil Rigs have different Elements, matching a Robot with the right Element will increase its performance.


Various Items can be found on the Moon, left there by now-extinct Human Race. When going on a Quest, your Robot can bring back random items of different types:
  • Batteries, power packs etc.
  • Drill bits, pickaxes, mining equipment etc.
  • Gears, cogwheels, bolts etc.
  • Crystals, shards etc.
  • And more exotic categories of Items
Some more rare items can be crafted from more common items. The variety of Items that Robots find depends on their Rarity (e.g. Common Robots almost always only find Common Items) and their Element (e.g. Electric Robots tend to find Azure Crystals more often than Amber Crystals)
Race, Level, Perks and other factors also have some particular effect on the Scavenging outcome. For example, Mythic Transmutation Circuit can only be found by Robots of Hybrid Race.


Breeding Genesis Robots produces Gen 1 Robots etc. Higher generation Robots can have better stats and skills combinations because they inherit stats from their parents which enables selective breeding for certain Stats, Skills and Perks.
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