Moon Robots

Moon Land

Moon Land allows for a stream of passive income via Land Ownership that generates $OIL and Items over time. All Land Owners share the rewards pool and their revenue depends on their weight in the pool, which is affected by Land properties. Initial Moon Land distribution will happen via NFT mint that will cost $OIL. Since the amount of Moon Land is limited, later players will be able to buy or rent the Moon Land from others.

Land Deeds

The mint of 21,000 Moon Land Deeds will start before the Moon Landing event. The price of minting one Land Deed is 5,000 OIL.


Each Land Deed will have a random rarity:
  • Common (15,000)
  • Rare (5,000)
  • Epic (800)
  • Legendary (200)
After the Moon Landing Event each Land Deed can claim one random Moon Land Plot.
Rarity of Land will match the Rarity of the Land Deed. Rarity determines the max sum of Base Stats of the Land. If a player purchased their Land Deed after the Moon Landing, it will get converted into a piece of Land instantly.

Land Stats

Each Land will have a number of Stats that determine the income of the Land:
  • $OIL Richness affects the rate of $OIL production
  • Soil Type (Metal, Mineral, Junk) affects the type of Items that can be found when collecting Land rewards

Upgrading Land

Upgrading Land increases its Stats. To upgrade a piece of Land, special Items and small amount of $OIL is required. The amount of $OIL required per upgrade and types of Items needed to upgrade it depends on the Rarity of the Land.
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