Moon Robots


Whitepaper v0.79
Moon Robots logo and Robots
Moon Robots is an upcoming cross-chain NFT DeFi-powered Strategy/RPG P2E game that launches on Harmony blockchain in Q2 2022. The network chosen for the launch is fast, secure and efficient, which will enable smooth and trustless experience for the players. Harmony has one of the largest and most varied GameFi/P2E ecosystems which is a perfect environment to launch in. Expanding to other networks will happen in Q3 2022.
Key components of the game are Robot Hero NFTs, Moon Land NFTs, Item NFTs and $OIL token. The game is set to be fully blockchain-authoritative and won’t be using server nor client in processing and storing player data. The client is web-based tailored for smooth desktop and mobile user experience.
Players will be using their Robots and Land to earn $OIL token and Items which can be traded for any other currency on Harmony blockchain. LP staking model will be utilized for initial distribution of the token (Token Distribution Phase) as well as to sustainably support token liquidity in the future (Post-Emission Phase) after all of $OIL tokens have been emitted.
Game economy and tokenomics during Post-Emission Phase will rely on sustained demand for $OIL token. The demand is achieved via gameplay utility of the token.
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