Moon Robots

Beginner guide

Moon Robots is NFT DeFi-powered Strategy/RPG P2E game on Harmony blockchain. The network chosen for the launch is fast, secure and efficient, which will enable smooth and trustless experience for the players. Harmony has one of the largest and most varied GameFi/P2E ecosystems which is a perfect environment to launch in.
Key components of the game are Robot Hero NFTs, Moon Land NFTs, Item NFTs and $OIL token. The game is set to be fully blockchain-authoritative and won’t be using server nor client in processing and storing player data. The client is web-based tailored for smooth desktop and mobile user experience.
Players will be using their Robots and Land to earn $OIL token and Items which can be traded for any other currency on Harmony blockchain. LP staking model will be utilized for initial distribution of the token (Token Distribution Phase) as well as to sustainably support token liquidity in the future (Post-Emission Phase) after all of $OIL tokens have been emitted.
Game economy and tokenomics during Post-Emission Phase will rely on sustained demand for $OIL token. The demand is achieved via gameplay utility of the token.

How do I navigate on the Moon Robots Website?

To find the Website search for Moon Robots or use this link:

How to play the game?

To play the game you need a Moon Land or a Moon Robot.
1. Click in the top left corner on the 3 horizontal lines.
2. Click on Marketplace or follow this link:
3. These are all the Moon Robots Collections.
You can buy Robots and Lands with the Harmony (One) Token.

What is the difference between a Moon Robot and a Moon Land?

Lands produce the Moon Robots token called Oil.
Moon robots can be sent on quests. To send them on quests you need oil. On the quests, Robots can either find oil or mainly items.
You can use these items to upgrade your land or sell them if you don’t have any land.

What is the difference between the Moon Robots Eggs and the Moon Robots Genesis Collection?

Moon Robots eggs are unrevealed Moon Robots. If you buy an egg you can reveal it on the website.
If you reveal an egg you can get 7 different races.
The best race is Hybrid.
The second best are Sharks and Croks.
The third best are Squids, Sentinels, Bots, and Cats.
The better the race is, the more different items a Robot can find.
A common hybrid is the only common robot that can find item #7
A legendary cat for instance can only find items in the lowest column and it can’t find item #7
The higher the level of your egg is, the higher the chance to find hybrids or sharks and crocks
You can check its level on Nftkey by clicking on the egg.
Do not pay attention to the Main and color reward on the Moon Robot eggs on NFTKey. It has no importance.

What are the different professions a Moon Robot can have in Moon Robots?

Moon Robots can have 3 different professions:
A scavenger Robot is especially good at doing quests. To see if your Robot is a scavenger you can go to NFTKey and click on your robot or check if your Robot has this icon on the Moon Robots website.
A breeding Robot is especially good at breeding with other Robots and producing generation 1 Robots.
A harvesting Robot is especially good at harvesting Oil.
Harvesting and Breeding are not released yet! They will get released after migration to a new Blockchain.
Robots with the profession of breeding and harvesting can do quests but those Robots are less efficient than scavenger Robots!

How do my Moon Robots statistics influence the power of my Robot?

Every Robot has 6 different statistics:
The more you send your Robot to quests the higher its XP will get and the higher your Robot will be. In the beginning, Robots won’t get any XP.
When you send your Robots to quests they lose some of their stamina. Every day, your Robot will regain some stamina. Without stamina, your Robot won’t be able to participate in quests.
Your Robot can get injured on the quests and lose health. When its health is 0, your Robot will need a specific item to regain its health.
The Stronger your Robot the better it is going to perform in harvesting.
The higher your dex is the better your Robot will be at breeding.
The smarter your Robot is the better it is at doing quests.

How do I upgrade my Moon Robot Lands?

To upgrade your land you will need different items. The items you need to upgrade your Land are different for each Land and level. That means that a common Land from level 1 to level 2 could require completely different items than another common land from level 1 to level 2.
With each upgrade, your Land will get 10 percent more oil each day. But over time the daily outcome will become less and less because the distribution pool of oil will stay the same and other people upgrade their lands too.

What is Oil Richness?

The higher your oil richness the more you will receive every day. A Land with an oil richness of 40 will receive twice as much oil as a Land with an oil richness of 20.