Moon Robots

Getting started

The game is powered by DeFi, which means that players can earn $OIL tokens through gameplay and trade them for other currencies on the Harmony blockchain. This can potentially provide players with financial rewards for their efforts.
The game is set to be fully blockchain-authoritative, which means that player data will be securely stored on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. This provides players with a high level of security and trust in the game.
The use of NFTs in the game allows players to own unique digital assets that are backed by the blockchain. This can provide players with a sense of ownership and control over their assets within the game.
The game will be launching on the Harmony blockchain, which is known for its fast, secure, and efficient network. This will enable a smooth and trustless experience for players.
The LP staking model used in the game's token distribution and post-emission phase can potentially provide players with additional rewards for supporting the liquidity of the $OIL token.
Overall, playing Moon Robots offers players the opportunity to earn rewards, own unique digital assets, and enjoy a secure and trustless gaming experience.
Last modified 5mo ago