Moon Robots


The team behind the project is comprised of gaming industry veterans and blockchain experts with years of experience in mainstream gaming companies such as Electronic Arts, Zynga, Rovio etc. Currently the team members chose to stay anonymous. Harmony grant for which the team is aiming, will be accompanied by identity disclosure of the founding members.

Team structure

  • Founder and CEO: Froggie
  • Business Development Executive: 0xKraft
  • СTO: Sergey Pryhodko
    • Blockchain enthusiast, 10 years of experience developing web-based JS/React/Angular applications
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  • Lead Engineer: Andrey
    • 15 years of experience in F2P game development (Rovio), blockchain enthusiast, crypto native
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  • Senior Front-End Developer: Damil Berdyev
    • React/JS/TS/SASS developer, 5 years of experience
  • Front-End Developer: Ramil Ashrafulin
    • React/JS/TS/SASS developer, 4 years of experience
  • Lead Artist: NMArt
  • 3D Artist: eji Dopkin
  • 3D Artist: Liza Demarina
  • 3D Artist: DMorgan
    • 3D modeling, Blender expert
  • Community Manager: Emi Honda